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Why Delphi is my Last Published Book of 2023

Delphi is the third installment in the Ichor Series, and while we are only halfway through the 2023 year, Delphi will be my last published book of this year.

Let me tell you why.

I have been writing, editing, re-writing, and editing the Ichor Series for almost seven years. That is a long time to be writing the same book series. While I love writing Ichor and Saffron's journey, I also have a thousand book ideas swarming in my head and demanding release. I tried to put myself on the strictest timeline so that the Ichor Series would be complete by December of 2023, but I am quickly realizing that I am burning myself out.

So, for the rest of the year, I am writing without time restraint. I will be working on the fourth book in the Ichor Series, but I will also be working on a number of other works in progress. My goal is that by writing at my own pace, I will rejuvenate my creativity and have several finished books to send out to editors at the end of the year.

I'm gearing up to make 2024 my biggest book year yet, and that requires me to no longer focus on publishing more books in 2023.

What plans do I have for 2024, you may ask?

Let me give you a snippet :)

2024 Anticipated Releases:

  1. The fourth and fifth book of the Ichor Series will be published

  2. The titles and book covers will be released in Fall of 2023

  3. A possible spin-off that takes place between the second book (Horkos) and the third book (Delphi) might come out in 2024 as well. No promises, though!

  4. My spicy romance series will come out with at least one book

  5. The series will be called the Nefarious Jobs of Sinister Men, and it will be a collection of standalone, spice-filled romances between a man with a domineering job and a woman who falls right into his trap.

  6. The first book that will come out will either be focused on a doctor or a chef.

  7. Wattpad fans might know who the doctor is ;)

  8. Crown of the Dying Embers will receive a BIG surprise

  9. I'm hoping to announce my surprise by Winter of 2023

  10. Prepare for a lot more Eilidh, Vyktor, Riz, and Alvar in 2024

  11. The first book in a brand new, why-choose, adult Greek Mythology fantasy series will be coming out.

  12. I will announce the title, release date, and cover by Winter of 2023

  13. I'm so excited for this book series, you have NO IDEA what you are in store for! I've already written about 18k words, and it might be my best work yet.

  14. MAYBE I will release a horror novel around Halloween-time called "My Swan"

  15. My Wattpad fans know this book and have been greedily requesting its publication date.

  16. If it does not come out on 2024, then it will definitely be released in 2025

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