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About Me

Trish D.W has aspired to be an author since she was a little kid on the playground writing stories, while everybody else played games. She always had a story in the back of her mind, ready to come alive with a computer, coffee, and the 2004 soundtrack to Phantom of the Opera.


She currently lives in St. Louis, Missouri with her fiancé and obnoxiously loud cat, Ragnar, but she hopes to one day move to a lake house. Her dream is to make writing her full-time career, and to spend her days writing new literary pieces on a dock overlooking a lake. 

The Ichor Series is her debut saga, but it's far from her last.

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My Mission as an Author

Growing up, I was heavier than almost every other girl in school. I would be bullied for my size. In an attempt to escape from a world that did not respect me because of my size, I would slip into a new book. But every time I'd open a book, I never found a girl who looked like me. I'd read great, fantastical novels, but it felt too much like my reality because all the characters were thin.


Once again, full-figured people were pushed to the sidelines. 

I was fourteen years old and hating my body when I decided to be the voice I needed. I picked up a pen, opened my first of many notebooks, and began writing stories with full-figured leads. Fifty percent of the world is considered either overweight or obese, yet our media makes being full-figured a rare sight. 

But not in my novels. Every book of mine has at least three characters who are full-figured, and all of my female leads are mid or plus-size. In my two WIP's, I have men and women who are full-figured and proud of the skin they wear. It is my goal as an author to show body positivity on every page. 

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